Yacht Club

Sveti Vlas, 27 August 2022


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Marina Mychakova

Legal Consult

What are the current rules for concluding transactions and when does our address stop being anonymous when paying in cryptocurrency?

Veselin Georgiev

Binance Country Manager

Binance's vision, values and plans for Bulgaria.

Nedelcho Bogdanov


Bulgarian animator, known as the author of the internet series Bulgar. He is the creator of the first Bulgarian 3D animated film.


Founder Evolves Tech


Founder Evolves Tech

Ivan Draganov

Founder Kiber hora

Creator of the "Kiber Hora" project, aiming to open the door of the common man to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Rostislav Totev

Founder Altcoins.bg

Paula Tavangar

Principal at SwissBorg

Venture capital for Crypto projects.

Viktoria Soltesz

CEO PSP Angels

High Risks Payments.


17:00 - Doors Open

17:30 - Alex Trifonov Live

18:30 – Event Start (Ivan Draganov)

18:45 – Vasko and Bobi from Evolves tech

19:00 – Nedelcho Bogdanov creator of “Bulgar”

19:15 – Marina Mychakova – Legal Consult

19:30 – Veselin Georgiev – Binance Country Manager

19:45 – Rostislav Totev founder of Altcoins BG

20:00 – Intro Start up pitch

20:15 – Networking

21:00 – Boarding at Marina Dinevi to the Yacht

21:30 – Giveaways and closing

23:30 – Docking back

24:00 – All night – After Party @ Glamour Beach


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